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To Evil-Copper, who gave me an informative review on “The Rat and Bear”.

Everything in the Game Preserve went smoothly and thanks to a gigantic ruler of the forest: A bear with black fur, grey hair, and red eyes. Everyone respected him, no matter how massive his length was–size didn’t make a difference. Neither does the color of his fur, let alone his eyes. No animal or man judged him. “Because I am the ruler of these sacred woods,” the bear announced firmly, but even, “It’s not to say that you can’t go anywhere you wanted, but just remember…Do not interact with humans because they are dangerous creatures.”

His voice may be gruff, but they took his word for it. After all, he is king of the Game Preserve. Or is he?

Later on, in life, the “so-called leader” had become greedy and obsessive when he emerged a hound dog’s hunter, who trespassed in his territory and wanted to eat him in order for him to gain power for himself. Well, shouldn’t he eat those who disagree with him or turn against him? If anything, that bear could eat berries or even fish. Besides, bears like fish and berries!

“NO!” a male fox’s voice bellowed, “LET HIM GO!” It was Tod’s.

“What did you say?” the beastly bear demanded.

“You will not eat this human being!” Dinky, the sparrow yelled defiantly.

“He could be one of us!” Boomer, the woodpecker protested, gesturing towards a human being.

“What if he wants to support us?” Big Mama suggested.

“You’re the most judgmental leader we’ve ever had!” a porcupine remarked, pointing his finger at the demonic creature.

“If you eat my master,” a hound said. His name was Copper. “Then, you’ll have to eat me, too!”

“We will banish you for treason!” Vixey threatened the bear.

He was terribly furious by Vixey’s intimate threat! All this time, he pretended to be a good dictator, but was now viewed as a phony, ugly beast, who was signified as a danger to all man-kind. In other words, the animal kingdom.

The barbaric bear was officially exiled for good.

The End

Author’s note: I just thought, What if the bear was good at one point for all animals in the Game Preserve until he loses respect for endangering every one of them?

*Generally, fake people do not make good friends.

*I was inspired by the Evanescence song, “Everybody’s Fool”.

Let’s say the bear was once a trustworthy leader of the forest until the unspeakable happens.
Evil-Copper Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017
Nice job. Thanks for the mention.
disneyfangirl774 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks and you're welcome.
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March 16, 2017


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